Equipment Spotlight: Track Trenchers & Rock Saws

Track trenchers and rock saws by Trencor, Vermeer, Tesmec and Mid America Trenchers.

The Charles Machine Works Trencor product line of mechanically-driven track trenchers is now being manufactured at the American Augers facility in West Salem, OH. The Trencor products will continue to be the industry-leading trenchers and surface miners consumers have come to rely upon for over 60 years. 800.527.6020,


Work in a broader range of soil conditions and virtually any weather with the RTX1250 with optional cab. The patent-pending quad track system floats over muddy, sandy and other soft soils with extra stability and maneuverability. The RTX1250 offers contractors the ability to switch between rubber tires or quad-track system depending on the job application. Available attachments include a trencher, vibratory plow, rockwheel, reel carrier and backhoe which make it easy to adapt the unit for many types of jobs. 888.837.6337,


Tesmec Rocksaw Trenchers are suitable for narrow and deep cut, ideal to reduce the volume of the ditch material. Especially designed for excavation for cables ducts, Rocksaw Trenchers ensure high productivity to cut very hard material and concrete. Some models can be equipped with an automatic cable laying system and an integrated back-filling system for fiber optic networks, electric cable projects and small diameter pipelines. Tesmec Rocksaw Trenchers can be used in urban and extra urban context and can work in extreme environmental conditions. Available models include the 300, 975, 1150 and 1275L. 800.851.5102,

Mid America Trenchers

The Buckeye 9200 Magnum is designed with durability and versatility in mind to meet the demands of the modern industrial contractor. Some of the key features include and EPA compliant 350-hp QSM-1 1 Tier 3 engine; front limited slip and rear differential lock axles; a 20,000 pound, 5/8 cable winch; a 150 gallon fuel tank; a seven-foot digging wheel; and bucket sizes of 8-inch and 16-inch offered.

The Buckeye 9200T is designed for the 16-inch and smaller pipeline contractor. With its 600HP available engine and a starting weight of 85,000lbs, it is a machine with not only production but also maneuverability in mind. Both 7- and 9-foot digging wheels are available in several widths. With a quick attach digging wheel option, different digging wheels can be swapped out in a matter of hours instead of days. 866.376.8453,

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