Equipment Spotlight: Padding/Spoils Handling

Padding/Spoils Handling by ALLU, Ozzie’s Pipeline Padder, Superior Mfg. and Felco Industries.

Ideal for use on smaller cable and pipeline job sites, the ALLU DL series screening buckets can be mounted to max 12-ton excavators or max 8-ton tractors and backhoe loaders. The screening bucket boasts a unique top screen where the screening blades spin between the top screen combs. The end product size is defined by the space between the combs. Key benefits include a clog free structure that ensures good capacity, even with wet materials; top screen combs carry most of the material weight, this way the drums and bearings have less impact and load; and changeable wearing parts (screening blades and top screen combs) lower the operating costs. 800.939.2558,

Ozzie’s Pipeline Padder

The MS-2500 excavator based padder is a one-man operated machine. The MS-2500 is powered by a Caterpillar OEM 325 excavator. Integrated hydraulic controls operate a frame mounted shaker/conveyor unit which is fed using the excavator bucket. Different size screens are placed on the shaker to desired material specifications. The desired material falls through the shaker onto the machine’s conveyor, which is then conveyed into the trench or other desired location. The undesired material, dropped on the shaker from the bucket, falls off the front of the shaker to the ground, away from desired material. The MS-2500’s ability to select material from any location using the 360 degree rotation of the excavator, combined with the shaker/conveyor unit’s ability to tilt, make it ideal for extreme terrain and tie-ins operations. 800.758.6634,

Superior Mfg.

The SPD-350 padding machine has a screening area of 60 square feet and an operating weight of 83,500 pounds. Standard features include a CAT C-10 ATAAC 360-hp engine; hydrostatic closed circuit transmission; large screening area; Hydraulic Pilot Control system on both sides of operator platform for ease of use; and a safe and comfortable shock absorbent operator platform. The shaker and conveyor systems are mounted on the same adjustable frame to ensure efficient production on steep terrain and allowing the conveyor belt to remain level. An adjustable cutting edge allows for easy excavation of virgin terrain. 800.383.2666,

Felco Industries

Felco’s custom built Backfill Conveyor allows the excavator operator to place material in the hopper, and send it the length of the conveyor into the trench (past the trench box) where the material is accessible for compaction. The Felco Backfill Conveyor removes truck requirements from the trenching operation and eliminates spoil stockpiling to maximize digging time. The conveyors are available with a custom swivel conveyor option that can be attached directly below the end of the main conveyor. The swivel conveyor can be rotated to allow the operator to place the spoils exactly where they are needed. 800.221.5427,

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