The Bevel-Sert is patented and proven to improve ductile iron pipe water infrastructure (DIP) by greatly reducing the time and money spent on new installation and repairs, improving installation safety and reducing corrosion.

Bevel-Sert installs in less than one minute, saves between 50-89 percent in installation costs, eliminates the OSHA-prohibited beveling practice and significantly reduces the pipe’s ability to conduct electricity, which reduces the corrosion process by up to 99 percent.

Made from HDPE, the Bevel-Sert is suitable for use in potable water applications where the outside diameter of the pipe is the same as ductile iron pipe. The size range is 4-48 inches in diameter. The HDPE bevel is smooth-finished to allow for use with all types of rubber gaskets, including restrained-joint rubber gaskets. The rounded bevel compensates for differing angles of deflection which can frequently occur during installation.

In addition, the Bevel-Sert can be used in conjunction with poly wrap to add an extra level of protection for the piping system as well as with cathodic protection to enhance corrosion mitigation properties and eliminate the need to bond pipe joints together. 480.643.9161,

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