McCormick Systems

Fully integrated with the company’s estimating software, On Screen Estimating Pro is a new product developed and offered exclusively by McCormick Systems.

It provides electrical, low-voltage, plumbing, mechanical, and transmission-and-distribution contractors a new way to perform handy, speedy, and smart take-offs from digital drawings.

Point-and-click take-offs now directly feed into all versions of McCormick’s estimating software. Estimators can perform the take-off with the new OSE Pro software and the estimating software both open at the same time leading to faster results.

File types that can be imported into OSE Pro include PDF, Tiff, BMP, JPG, PNG, WMF, and others. Note that the company’s CAD Estimating product is tailored to help contractors who get CAD drawings (DWG files).

According to Todd McCormick, OSE Pro is easy to learn and easy to use. “In creating it, we tailored it for the specialty contractor,” he noted. “You might get a 50-page PDF on a project, but only ten of those pages are relevant to your estimate. We made it easy to focus solely on those ten pages.

“For electrical and datacom contractors, it’s now very simple to add your drops. For anyone using this program, we’ve simplified the process of finding the scale of a drawing – it features built-in custom scaling and measuring tools.”

Beyond estimating, OSE Pro also makes it much easier for contractors to put together a set of “as-built” drawings when a project is over. 800.444.4890,

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