SAK Construction Wins Wastewater Rehab Project

The city of Baltimore, MD, has awarded SAK Construction an $18.8 million contract to install more than 58,000 feet of small-, medium- and large-diameter cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) in residential neighborhoods in the Union Square area of Baltimore City.

SAK’s Atlantic Division office in Arbutus, MD, will oversee the project.

According to Bob Stier, Atlantic Division general manager, extensive pre-planning has begun on the project, which also requires SAK to rehabilitate manholes, renovate lateral lines and complete spot repairs. The assignment, part of a comprehensive plan the City of Baltimore is implementing to improve its wastewater system, is scheduled for completion in late 2015.

The assignment requires SAK to install more than 50,000 feet of CIPP less than 15 inches in diameter; more than 3,500 feet of pipe 18 to 33 inches in diameter; and 3,500 feet of 52-inch pipe.

Minority and women-owned subcontractors vetted by SAK will partner with it to execute over 30 percent of the project.

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