Swagelining Renews 30-inch Water Transmission Main In Texas

Swagelining was contracted to rehabilitate 5,300 feet of existing 30-inch cast iron water transmission main originally installed in 1927 in the city of Amarillo, TX.

While the host pipe was in sound condition, several leaks have occurred at the lead joints causing significant disruption and inconvenience to residents and businesses. In addition, a pipeline runs through very tight easement, under homes and beneath busy roads. Other challenges included a system that could only be shut down for a limited period of time during dry weather conditions and flow capacity needed to be maintained as the pipeline is a critical artery of the system that runs from a pump station to feed another major area of town.

After several construction methods were evaluated, Swagelining was selected to maximize flow capacity using limited excavation, and its ability to follow the existing utility path all at a fast speed of installation. The pipeline was renewed using the Swagelining technology with HDPE PE4710 DR 32.5, resulting in a tight fit within the host pipe. Murphy Pipelines designed the project to maximize pull distances with 1,800 feet average pull lengths.

Tight fitting HDPE provides long term design life, a corrosion protection barrier and it helps prevent further leaks on the pipeline. A small footprint utilizing the Swagelining technology resulted in reducing the impact of construction on the community. Excavation was 92 percent less than what open cut trenching would have required. Rapid installation permitted the project to be completed within the tight time constraints of the dry weather shut down period.

Swagelining technology renews large diameter (16 through 60 inches) water transmission and sewer force mains by installing HDPE pipe that results in a ‘tight compressive’ fit.

Murphy Pipeline Contractors specializes in the replacement of water and force main with the static pipe bursting method for two inches through 16 inches.

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