Hyundai Introduces H930C Backhoe

Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas’ H930C backhoe is currently available to the Latin America market but will be released in North America towards the end of 2015.

Hyundai’s H930C backhoe has an operating weight of 14,881 pounds and is powered by an 87 horsepower Tier 2 Perkins 1104C-44T engine that combines new combustion technology with internal Exhaust Gas Recirculation, a long oil change interval (600 hours) and an air grid heater as a cold start aid. The H930C boasts a loader bucket capacity of 28.3 cubic feet, a trenching bucket capacity of 6 cubic feet and a backhoe dig depth of 14 feet 3 inches.

The H930C’s loader boom is integrally welded with a large diameter tube, dual lift and tilt cylinders. A rigid loader frame allows for greater lift capacity, improved line of site and overall visibility. The H930C’s four-wheel drive system improves mobility and loader performance in ground conditions underfoot and can be activated on the go. The loader attachment is equipped with an automatic return to dig function, designed to reduce loading cycle times.

The H930C’s backhoe boom also has a robust design, perfect for heavy duty applications. The boom allows for excellent visibility into the trench when the operator is digging around buried obstructions such as water mains, sewer pipes and utility lines. Pilot controls offer the operator improved precision when excavating. An optional extendable dipper significantly increases the machine’s versatility.

Hyundai’s H930C backhoe is available with optional hydraulic performance features such as a load sensing hydraulic system, which matches the engine power to the appropriate hydraulic flow based on the load demand required. An adjustable flow control system option allows the operator to divert any unused hydraulic fluid from the second pump to the hydraulic reservoir. Lastly, a control pattern selection option allows operators to change from ISO to SAE control patterns simply by pressing a button. 877.509.2254,

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