Envirosight Releases DSL7 Accessory

Attaching to the back of a DigiSewer III side-scan camera, the new DSL7 accessory casts a ring of laser dots onto the inner wall of a pipe.

These dots are captured by the camera during reverse crawl (once side-scanning is complete) and instantaneously processed by WinCan software to trend ovality along the full length of the pipe. Ovality data is essential to determining proper pipe installation and relining, and to monitoring pipe settling and deterioration.

WinCan software generates a variety of ovality reports, and can even feed the underlying geometric data into CAD programs and virtual 3D reconstructions of infrastructure.

The DSL7 accessory is compatible with any ROVVER X-based DigiSewer III camera, and is available for immediate shipment. 866.936.8476, envirosight.com

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