Salt Lake City Residents To Be Offered Sewer Line Insurance

Homeowners in Salt Lake City are being offered optional coverage for private sewer line insurance by the city’s Department of Public Utilities.

Tom Ward, the city’s public utilities deputy director, said that the program is a service people can take advantage of if they want as they are responsible for care for lateral sewer lines leading to the city’s main line.

HomeServe USA, a leading provider of home emergency repair service plans, will begin offering optional exterior sewer line, water service line and in-home plumbing repair service plans to more than 72,000 households in Salt Lake City and the surrounding Salt Lake County.

HomeServe also has similar programs with 42 utilities and municipalities throughout the country, including Louisville, KY; Birmingham, AL; Charleston, SC; Portland, ME; and Des Moines, IA, all of whom have selected HomeServe to provide coverage to their city’s residents. Salt Lake City homeowners will be able to purchase plans directly from HomeServe with convenient payment options.

“Many homeowners are not aware of their responsibilities when it comes to home emergencies like a leak in the water line on their property or a problem with the sewer line,” said Tom Rusin, CEO of HomeServe USA. “It’s important that homeowners understand where their responsibilities lie so they don’t get stuck with an expensive repair bill they can’t afford. Our protection plans take away that worry by providing homeowners with coverage for the cost of repairs and a pre-vetted, local contractor to make the repair.”

“Working with HomeServe has enabled us to provide a much-needed service to Salt Lake City homeowners,” said Jeff Niermeyer, PE, director of Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities. “Salt Lake City residents, and eventually all Salt Lake County residents that the DPU serves, will have the option to purchase protection from the cost and inconvenience of these types of home emergencies.”

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