New Tool Measures Big Inclination

Inrock has introduced a sophisticated new directional drilling guidance tool component that accurately measures bit inclination and notifies guidance engineers of any deviation or deflection in a horizontal directional drilling (HDD) drill path.

The At Bit Inclination Assembly (ABIA) is embedded directly into Inrock’s seven- or eight-inch XTM mud motor, said Danny Crumpton, Inrock technical sales manager.

“Fractured formations can cause deflections in drilling,” Crumpton continued. “ABIA measures absolute inclination at the bit and transmits it via EM electromagnetic transmission to the ParaTrack 2 probe integrated into the bit box of the mud motor. This puts the sensor directly behind the bit. Comparing ABIA inclination with the inclination of the ParaTrack 2 probe enables monitoring of any deviation or deflection change in order to make necessary steering corrections before problems can occur.”

ABIAs been successfully used on projects in the U.S., Canada, and South America.

Crumpton said the Inrock ABIA is the only device of its kind currently available for horizontal directional drilling. The tool and XTM mud motors are available directly from Inrock or authorized distributors. They are available by the day rate, using Inrock’s guidance services, and for a monthly rate to customers that have their own guidance engineers. However, an Inrock representative must be on-site to conduct training.

“When drilling in formations containing boulders, fractured formations or formations that change from hard to soft and back to hard, it’s useful to know when inclination of the bit changes,” Crumpton said. “Because the steering tool may be 30 to 40-feet back of the bit, knowing the inclination can help keep the bore on target, make drilling faster and reduce wear of downhole tools.”

Inrock is a global leader providing performance HDD drilling tools, equipment and services, including rock reamers and cutters, guidance technology, electronic performance drilling data recording and reporting.

With headquarters in Houston, Inrock operates locations in Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

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