Equipment Spotlight: Pumps, Dewatering Equipment

Pumps and dewatering equipment by Atlas Copco, Global Pump/Mersino, Rain for Rent, Gorman-Rupp, Thompson Pump, Subaru, Xylem, Grindex Pumps and Myers-Seth.

Atlas Copco
WEDA electric submersible pumps will make their debut on the American market with a new range for professional users. The new additions to the range are 1 hp and under, C-UL-US approved, 60 Hz single-phase drainage, sludge and residual pumps. They come in two voltage variants, 115 V and 230 V, and join the 50 Hz range. WEDA electric submersible pumps are now available in a 50Hz and a 60Hz version. The pumps feature a small, lightweight and high efficiency motor and their triple shaft seal design ensures reliability. Each model is equipped with a motor protection that automatically stops the pump in case of either overheating or overload/over-current. The pump automatically restarts after cooling down. 800.732.6762,

Global Pump/Mersino
The model 6GSTAP (Standard Trash Auto Prime) is capable of maximum flows of 2,750 GPM and maximum total head of 165 feet while handling solids up to three inches in diameter. The standard 6GSTAP is powered by a water-cooled, 4-cylinder diesel engine. Alternative drives are available, including other diesel engines or electric motor options. A compressor-fed, venture priming system provides rapid, reliable priming. A mechanical seal with biodegradable glycol quench allows the pump to start and run dry. In addition, a standard engine control panel provides preset emergency shutdown protection and allows the addition of automatic level control. 866.360-PUMP,,

Rain for Rent
The portable, centrifugal 24-inch DV600c pump from Rain for Rent is the largest high-flow portable pump available for rent or sale in the United States. With a flow rate up to 28,000 GPM, the DV600c pump is perfect for large pumping projects. This pump produces 96-foot head, suction lift up to 28 feet, and handles solids up to 5.25 inches. With a footprint of 170 square feet, smaller than some lower volume pumps, the DV600c can be easily transported by truck. A 430 gallon integral fuel cell allows for 22 hour run time. 800.742.7246,

Gorman-Rupp’s SM Series full line features Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania approved submersible pumps for use in gassy mines and tunnels. Many models are available with stainless steel fitted parts or all-stainless construction for pumping in severe corrosive/abrasive applications. The SM Series comes standard with a NEMA type 10 explosion-proof control box. 419.755.1011,

Thompson Pump

With sizes ranging from 3 to 12 inches, the ability to handle up to 4.5-inch solids, and capacity up to 7,200 gallons per minute, the Thompson Pump Hydraulic Submersible pump sets provide a powerful answer when high heads or high lifts become a factor on job sites. The submersible pump end eliminates suction lift limitations, allowing pumping in deep excavations, open pits, quarries, or mines while the heavy-duty cast iron and steel provide high reliability and maximum versatility. With its impressive capabilities, environmentally friendly biodegradable lubricants, and economic efficiency – the Thompson Pump Hydraulically Driven Submersible Trash Pumps are perfect for solving your dewatering requirements. 877.978.2321,


Subaru Trash Pumps combine a powerful engine, heavy-duty construction and reliable performance to move high volumes of trash water without clogging the pump. Additionally, the Trash Pumps are backed by Subaru’s 5-year limited warranty program, which covers both the pump and engine. The centrifugal-type pumps are available in models with 2-, 3- and 4-inch discharge outlets. A Subaru overhead cam gasoline engine powers each model. The 2-inch PKX201T is powered by the EX17, a 5.7-hp overhead cam engine, and offers a delivery volume of 185 GPM. The 3-inch PKX301T is powered by the EX27, a 9-hp overhead cam engine, and offers a delivery volume of 314 GPM. The 4-inch PKX401T is powered by the EX40, a 14-hp overhead cam engine, and offers a delivery volume of 499 GPM. The 2-inch model can handle solid debris up to 3/4 inch, and the 3- and 4-inch models can handle solid debris up to 1 1/4 inches. 847.540.7300,

The Xylem branded Flygt 2000 pumps handle large flows of up to 5,200 GPM and high heads of up to 750 feet. Available with power ratings from 5.3 to 140 hp, 60 Hz, these drainage pumps are engineered for professional use in tough mining, construction, tunneling, and industrial dewatering applications. These pumps have their heritage from the famous Flygt Bibo pumps, and are highly wear-resistant, with the ability to handle chemically aggressive and mechanically abrasive fluids laden with particles. On top of that, they are safe for dry running and snoring operations. The Flygt 2000 pumps are available with two outer casing options: lightweight aluminum and corrosion resistant cast iron. 914.323.5700,

Grindex Pumps
Grindex Pumps offers a complete line of highly efficient and reliable submersible pumps for drainage and sludge applications ranging from 0.6 to 140 horsepower. These pumps boast solids handling capability of up to 3.2 inch, capacities of up to 375 feet and 5,000 GPM. Stainless steel options are available. Air cooling valves permit pumps to run dry without damage. With SMART motor protection Grindex pumps will not run backwards, will not single phase and will not overheat. 708.781.2135,


The High Volume Centrifugal Trash Pump (8 inch) MSP HV-200 is a heavy duty, dry run, and dry priming pump. These pumps move larger volumes of water and have a higher solid handling capability. They are also equipped with our unique Eco-Prime system which a completely oil-less vacuum priming system allows the pump to prime and re-prime itself without filling the priming chamber with pumping fluids and prevents the fluids from escaping the priming system, making the Eco-Prime system environmentally friendly and eliminating the need for extra hoses to handle unwanted blow-by. 904.389.6114,

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