Equipment Spotlight: Pipe & Cable Locating Equipment

Pipe and cable locating equipment by Ditch Witch, McLaughlin, Heath Consultants, Sensors & Software, Copperhead, Schonstedt, Subsurface Instruments and SENSIT Technologies.

Ditch Witch
The Ditch Witch UtiliGuard utility locating system includes industry-first features to meet underground construction workers’ needs for faster, more accurate locates of utilities. The system’s Ambient Interference Measurement (AIM) automatically scans the surrounding area for noise and recommends the best frequency among its 70 options. To help users make more accurate locates of obstructed utilities, UtiliGuard is the first locating system that measures distances (depth) both horizontally and vertically to the utility. 800.654.6481,


The McLaughlin Verifier G2 uses “Smart” transmitter technology along with improved noise reduction to achieve extreme accuracy in utility line location and depth calculation. Additional features include Peak and Null locating modes, four active frequencies, depth readout and Current Measurement Index (CMI), unique inductive method, passive radio search, increased depth capacity to 30 feet and a completely weatherproof receiver. 800.435.9340,

Heath Consultants

Heath’s Sure-Lock All Pro is designed to suit all your locating needs in a simple to use two-button instrument. The integrated receiver and transmitter allows configuration of the optimal frequency to best locate all underground utilities quickly and reliably. The continuous depth reading is constantly displayed on the receiver as you near the target conductor. The All Pro offers frequencies ranging from 8.1K to 480 kHz which are optimal for audio, radio and ultra-high frequency targets such as cable and insulated pipe. 713.844.1383,

Sensors & Software
Sensors & Software Inc.’s LMX100 is tailored for the locate-and-mark needs of utility locating contractors. The LMX100 eliminates complexity; making routine locates fast and easy. LMX100 features include a high performance GPR sensor; a lightweight, rugged non-metallic cart; out-of-the-box operation; and a simple, visual user interface. 800.267.6013,


Copperhead’s new ViperMag is a multi-functional locator used to detect buried pipe and cable. With active locating frequencies and ferrous metal, the ViperMag is designed to detect active power cables, metal locating and trace all types of pipes and cables. Signal application can be either direct connection or induction. With optional signal clamps, the transmitter can be applied to the target line no matter what the situation. Active locate frequencies are 512Hz, 8kHz and 83kHz. Other features include push button depth and passive power locating (60Hz). ViperMag Pipe and Cable Locator is part of Copperhead’s Complete Tracer Wire System. 877.726.5644,

The TraceMaster II pipe and cable locator offers a remote link between the transmitter and the receiver units. This is accomplished through a radio frequency (RF) two-way communications channel, and makes it possible to change the transmitter frequency from the receiver up to 1,500 feet away. It also now comes with the new Tx5 Transmitter. TraceMaster comes with three classes of frequencies and features simple operation with only two buttons and two knobs. No transmitter settings are required. In addition, the receiver has the ability to operate in manual or automatic gain modes. The receiver’s LCD panel is uncomplicated and intuitive. The information display is large and easy to understand, while including everything required to monitor the transmitter remotely. 888.367.7014,

Subsurface Instruments

The PL-1500 pipe and cable locator is a single frequency locator that comes in a 8 kHz Low or a 83 kHz High model. There are no menus to learn; just three ways of applying a signal (conductive, clamp and inductive, which not all locators offer). So you’re sure to locate all utilities. Plus, the PL-1500 is lightweight, compact and designed to withstand the everyday demands you place on it. 855.422.6346,

SENSIT Technologies
SENSIT Technologies acoustic pipe locator – the ULTRA-TRAC APL – will detect piping of virtually any material and over any ground covering such as gravel, asphalt, concrete, soil and grass. There are no hook ups to the system to detect and no access needed to customer facilities. The technology was developed through research provided through GTI. 888.473.6748,

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