Terra Novo Reports Success With EarthGuard Fiber Matrix

Terra Novo, a manufacturer of erosion and sediment-control products in Bakersfield, CA, has supported countless pipeline projects across the United States, helping areas develop vegetation at a low cost using its one-step erosion- and sediment-control product, EarthGuard Fiber Matrix.

EarthGuard Fiber Matrix combines EarthGuard – a spray-on emulsion that reduces erosion and sediment runoff – and wood/cellulose fiber. It is chemically engineered to be effective at low rates while absorbing the impact of raindrops and providing immediate dust control, erosion control and soil stabilization until permanent vegetation is established or construction has resumed.

EarthGuard Fiber Matrix was applied to a 10-mile site in Pennsylvania in one quick, reduced-material application process. Within one month, the site showed full vegetation and was able to withstand several rain events. Erosion was successfully eliminated in the pipeline’s path and vegetation was restored before the winter. 888.843.1029, earthguard.com

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