Maliszewski Represents HCSS In Badwater Ultramarathon

Steve Maliszewski, employee at construction software firm HCSS (, will take on one of the toughest foot races on the planet: the Badwater Ultramarathon in California July 21-23, 2014.

And his fellow employees at HCSS headquarters in Sugar Land, Texas, will be able to track him step-by-hot-step along the course, using an HCSS GPS unit that Maliszewski helped design. So can your readers.

The competition is limited to only 100 elite runners from around the globe, whose acceptance is based on an application akin to a college application. Starting in the small town of Lone Pine, Calif., at 3,727 feet above sea level, the race starts with a 22-mile climb to 10,000 feet and ends at 8,360 feet at the Whitney Portal, the trailhead to Mount Whitney. Taking place in the middle of July when temperatures soar to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, winds radiating off the hot asphalt can hit temperatures of 170 degrees. It is not for the faint of heart.

Members of Maliszewski’s crew will be documenting his journey for supporters to see him in his element. HCSS employees will track Steve’s journey from the air-conditioned comfort of their offices (or anywhere else)–and your readers can do the same. HERE’S HOW: HCSS is building a web page that shows the map of the Badwater route and the GPS unit flashing his progress throughout the race. The company will draw geofences around each of the way point stops, so that each time the support vehicle enters or exits one of these points, an instant message will be sent to his followers via HCSS’s Twitter feed ( Viewers can follow him through the race at or on Twitter at For more information, visit

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