Equipment Spotlight: Vacuum Excavators (Air & Hydro)

Vacuum excavators (air & hydro) by Vac-Tron Equipment, Ditch Witch,
Super Products, Vermeer by McLaughlin, Vacmasters, Vactor, AmeriVac Group, GapVax, Ring-O-Matic and Vacstar.

Vac-Tron Equipment
Vac-Tron Equipment announces the availability of two new truck mounted vacuum excavators – the ATV 1830 (air) and HTV 1830 (hydro). These chassis-mounted excavation systems come fully equipped with an 1,800-gallon debris tank, 6-inch vacuum hose with full hydraulic boom, wireless remote controls and a 200-hp John Deere diesel engine. Other key features include a 2,400 cfm positive displacement vacuum pump, CAT water pump, and a fully hydraulic rear door. The ATV is also standard with a 300 cfm at 230 psi Vanair air compressor for dry vacuum excavation. Both the ATV and HTV are completely self-contained skid mounted units that can be mounted on a customer’s chassis or Vac-Tron can provide the completed truck and unit from their factory. 888.822.8766,

Ditch Witch

To help meet operators’ needs for more versatile power in vacuum excavators, the Ditch Witch FXT50 truck vacuum excavator mounts directly to a truck’s frame rails, allowing the system to flex independently of the truck, promising stability and confidence that skid-mounted vacs cannot. The FXT50 truck vacuum excavator is the quietest in its horsepower class and offers the best filtration in the industry. 800.654.6481,

Super Products

A popular choice with contractors working throughout the coldest regions of North America, the Arctic Supersucker vacuum truck makes dependable operation in harsh conditions easier by relying on a design specifically for use in frigid environments. Offerings include an 8-inch positive displacement vacuum system, 18 cubic yard payload capacity and body dump unloading, and several cold weather features including a glycol-heated collector body and tailgate; heated and insulated heavy-duty tailgate drain valve; and low temperaturerated hydraulic oil and hoses. The Arctic also features a hydraulic boom with stainless steel cannon with an abrasion-resistant liner, and cold-weather resistant wiring and pendant for easy, dependable operation of the boom. Other features that are standard on the Arctic Supersucker include dual liquid level indicators, LED work light package and an extra-large, 90-inch tool box. 800.837.9711,

Vermeer by McLaughlin
The Vermeer VX 50-500 vacuum excavator by McLaughlin features Tier 4 Final engine technology and a new engine enclosure to help reduce engine noise levels and vibration. Operator-friendly enhancements include a large access door to the engine enclosure to provide improved accessibility. Contractors can also lock the enclosure doors, helping to deter potential vandalism. An improved external hydraulic door opens at an 85 degree angle, allowing for easier and more rapid dumping and cleaning of the spoils tank. A patented mechanical cam-over locking system provides a 360 degree positive door seal, even under reverse pressure, without additional clamping requirements. The lockable control console features a color graphic monitor. The VX 50-500 vacuum excavator also features a low profile design, allowing access to areas previously limited by height restrictions. 800.435.9340,

The Vacmasters SYSTEM 6000 Air-Vacuum Excavation System has the ability to trench and pothole using supersonic air from a proprietary nozzle to rapidly and efficiently dig in every soil type. All the components, including the 350 cfm/250 psi compressor, the 1,866 cfm Positive Displacement Blower, and the high pressure water system, are all powered by a single, enclosed John Deere 250-hp turbo diesel engine for quiet, dependable operation. Features include a self-purging filtration system, selectable air or water digging, remote operation up to 200 feet away, fast-acting interceptor canister, fully supervised control panel, 270 degree wireless-remote hose boom, full opening rear door, enclosed power-head and low-maintenance design. 800.466.7825,

HXX Hydroexcavator PD – the Vactor positive displacement (PD) vacuum excavator is the preferred vacuum excavator among contractors with its high vacuum capabilities. The high vacuum capabilities of the Vactor PD allow material to be moved from great depths and distances not achievable with centrifugal compressors. 800.627.3171,

AmeriVac Group
The mid-size MV 700 hydrovac truck is a dedicated single axle unit, boasting a large legal payload that uses 30-50 percent less fuel when hydrovacing. Features include Polar Package (a heated enclosed walk through cabinet which houses the water tank and water pump, boiler, PD blower, hydraulic tank, hose reel, and storage for digging wands, gear, etc); debris transfer system for fast disposal into roll off bins, containers, dump truck etc.; and a wireless radio remote and truck mounted controls. The MV 700 is mounted on a 7,400 International Chassis with an automatic transmission. Included are automatic traction controls, 300-hp engine, premium cab interior package, dual air ride seats, heated mirrors and exhaust brake. 800.920.6161,


GapVax HV57 industrial vacuum loaders are custom built wet/dry vac trucks with a patented filtration system that features seven cyclones. A 17-cubic yard debris body, a vacuum pump rated at 5,300 CFM with 28-inch Hg, and a fully opening tailgate with four fail safe tailgate locks are just a few things that come standard on the GapVax HV57 vacuum truck. 888.442.7829,


The 275 Vacuum Excavator is powered by a CAT diesel engine for unexcelled performance and reliability. Vacuum pump blowers by Gardner Denver offer rugged performance and a premium silencer package helps reduce noise. The 275’s compact low profile translates to good visibility for your driver and stability in rough locations. Reverse flow is standard – fast tank emptying, blow obstructions out of vacuum hose and backflush the filters for quick-easy cleaning. A unique single handle door latch design for easier, faster opening and closing. The 275 is available in vacuum trailer, vacuum truck, and skid mount configurations.


The Vacstar is designed for an operator to have curbside operations, which makes running the vac easier and safer for operators. The Vacstar’s rotary vane pump creates a deeper vacuum, costs less, demands less horsepower and has a better tolerance for foreign material than blowers. Antifreeze kits are standard with all Vacstar’s for water maintenance when the working environment is cold. The gasoline Vacstar is engineered with two separate engines for running the vac pump and the water pump. This design prevents excessive wear and the “pulling down” that can occur when only one engine is used. An operator can also use the water pump to clean the work site, equipment, etc., without using the larger engine. The hoist Vacstar allows more options for emptying the tank. The hoist is great for removing sand, certain types of clay, and other material that tends to settle and stick over time. 319.656.2226,

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