KEMTRON Technologies Founder Hemu Mehta Remembered

KEMTRON Technologies founder Hemu Mehta, 65, passed away on May 12. Mehta was born on Sept. 1, 1948 in Ahemadabad, India.

He completed a bachelor of science in chemical engineering degree from A.C. Tech in Chennai, India, as well as a master of science in petroleum engineering, and a master of business administration from the University of Houston.

Mehta went on to have a successful career at Macgobar and then M-I, after which he established KEMTRON in 1990. His passion for oilfield chemicals and polymers and their application eventually led to the expansion of KEMTRON Technologies, which became his pride and joy. He built the organization from a one-man company to more than 100 employees and subsidiaries on three continents.

Mehta is survived by his wife Meena, son Jaideep (Pooja), and grandson Rishaan, daughter Anjali, as well as two brothers.

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