Pipeline Analytics Rolls Out New WinCan VX Software

New WinCan VX is a revolutionary overhaul of the world’s leading pipe inspection and asset management software.

The new version emphasizes cloud-based work flows and data access, plus substantially enhanced reporting and analytical capabilities. It also offers new support for value-added processes like pipe cleaning, rehabilitation and leak detection. Beyond that, WinCan VX augments existing functional areas like GIS, laser/sonar scanning, side scanning, image measurement and municipal database integration. And to accommodate even the largest municipalities, WinCan VX has been performance benchmarked on databases exceeding 5 million records.

WinCan VX gives customers unprecedented latitude as to how their data is stored: on a closed network, hosted on a proprietary cloud server, hosted offsite at WinCan’s server cluster, or any redundant combination of these options. “When people talk about the cloud, they’re simply talking about a network with no walls,” says Martin Hien, General Manager for WinCan. “WinCan VX is the first pipe inspection software to embrace this paradigm, making it far easier to securely store data, share inspection results, and automate work flows. And of course, it also streamlines support and upgrades.”

As a companion software to WinCan VX, WinCan Analyst gives managers and engineers sophisticated tools for understanding the maintenance needs of a collection system using WinCan VX data. It generates maps highlighting pipe material, size, rating, maintenance status and damage classification, and it produces statistical reports listing assets by similar criteria. WinCan Analyst also contains tools for rehabilitation planning, inspection data validation and extended condition rating.

Both WinCan VX and WinCan Analyst are available for immediate demonstration and licensing. 866.936.8476, pipelineanalytics.com, envirosight.com

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