EPA Supports Spray-Applied Geopolymer Liner For Sewer Pipe Repair

Three years ago, Inland Pipe Rehabilitation (IPR), in conjunction with Milliken Infrastructure Solutions, developed the EcoCast Advanced Geopolymer Relining System to provide a more cost-effective sewer infrastructure repair and rehabilitation solution.

According to the American Society of Civil engineers, capital investment needs for the nation’s wastewater and stormwater systems are estimated to total $298 billion over the two decades.

“Finding more cost-effective sewer rehabilitation solutions is the only way this country will be able to afford to have these very necessary repairs done,” stated Joe Cutillo, IPR’s CEO. “We spent two years perfecting the application process, while Milliken, our development partner refined the GeoSpray material, because when it comes to introducing new sewer rehabilitation technologies, there is really no margin for error.”

Anxious to prove the effectiveness of EcoCast as a viable solution for large diameter sewer pipe rehabilitation, IPR and Milliken participated in an ongoing field study being conducted by the EPA Office of Research and Development.

The closely monitored demonstration took place during the week of April 22, 2013. The work was performed by IPR using its proprietary EcoCast installation and application system. Milliken supplied the GeoSpray geopolymer material. A 60-inch, 160-foot long, reinforced concrete pipe, which was severely deteriorated, had exposed rebar and several areas where infiltration was present. After cleaning and grouting the infiltration points, the spraying operation took only four days to complete. Post-lining inspection showed the pipe to be infiltration free, with no signs of steel reinforcement or cracking. A white paper outlining this study is available for download at: www.teamipr.com/ecocastwhitepaper.

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