New Pipe Splitting System From HammerHead

HammerHead Trenchless Equipment has developed a new system for replacing half-inch to four-inch natural gas distribution pipe.

Used in conjunction with HammerHead’s line of cable winches, the patented tool string components include expanders, connectors and splitting tools with replaceable hardened-steel blades. The system increases production rates for replacing existing runs of PVC, HDPE, MDPE and Aldyl-A pipe with new MDPE or HDPE pipe.

HammerHead’s reengineered tools now allow contractors to easily replace worn tooling and choose from a selection of cable size and winch options. The integrated swivel design eliminates torque on replacement pipe as it is installed during pullback.

HammerHead’s 12-ton pulling winch, the HydroGuide HG12 with patented, self-deploying downrigger, supports the new process. The HG12 simplifies set up and an adjustable boom can be set to the required depth without jacking up the machine. A solid, dual-capstan design provides a constant pulling force over the entire cable length to help reduce cable wear. The bull wheel and planetary drive system provide reliable power and control.

“This new system is much faster than old splitting or bursting methods. Its increased productivity makes pipe splitting an economical pipe replacement technique,” explained Paul Rogers, HammerHead vice president of sales and marketing

All winch systems available from HammerHead now include an optional ESID system (electrical strike identification device). These systems signal the operator and others on the job site of an electrical strike during pullback. An ESID also protects the winch operator should the strike occur while operating the machine. Using a cable winch as the static pulling device, production time is significantly increased.

HammerHead’s splitting process can be used to install sleeves to contain individual gas pipes or to install mains and services. It can also be used to upsize an existing line to increase its capacity. 800.331.6653,

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