Rehab Spotlight: Internal Joint Seals

Internal joint seals from Miller Pipeline and Cretex Specialty Products.

Miller Pipeline
The WEKO-SEAL internal joint seal technology is used extensively for internally resolving joint leakage, punctures and crack repairs in pipelines ranging in diameter from 18 inches and larger. This man-entry repair system uses a flexible rubber leak clamp that ensures a non-corrodible, bottle-tight seal around the full inside circumference at every installed location, while offering significant savings over conventional external repair methods using individual excavations. Miller’s experienced confined space technicians use time proven techniques to provide permanent, flexible, leak-proof repairs complete all installations. 800.428.3742,

Cretex Specialty Products
Cretex Specialty Products offers HydraTite Internal Joint Seals for your sanitary sewer or storm water systems. HydraTite is a mechanical, trenchless remediation system for the repair of pipe joints consisting of a proprietary rubber seal and stainless steel retaining bands. The HydraTite System is a recognized method of joint repair by AWWA manual M28, and has been widely accepted and approved by engineers, municipalities and DOTs. 800.345.3764,

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