Vacuworx Launches HDD Pipe Handling System

Vacuworx has launched a lightweight pipe handling system to lift and position drill stem in horizontal and directional drilling operations.

The HDD Pipe Handling System utilizes wireless remote controller operation and the latest vacuum-lifting technology to tilt and place drill stem at angles between 0 and 30 degrees without the use of ropes or slings. Suitable for use with Vacuworx MC Series Lifters, the HDD unit is significantly lighter weight than competing technologies and requires only one worker to lift drill stem and transfer the pipe into a drilling rig, reducing exposure to risk of injury in a pipe yard or on a jobsite.

The unit is compact yet highly durable and well matched to meet the rigorous demands uncovered by contractors or municipalities looking for ways to decrease load times and bolster safety during the course of trenchless HDD applications. The equipment features a 360-degree hydraulic rotator that gives operators complete control over drill stem and allows for the precise placement of pipe joints with fewer workers on the ground.

The HDD Pipe Handling System handles single joints of steel pipe from 3 inches to 18 inches in diameter with lift capacities ranging from 1,700 to 5,400 pounds, depending on the size and configuration of vacuum pads. The HDD unit is ideal for smaller excavators and host equipment such as forklifts, cranes, wheel loaders and boom trucks.

The MC Series lifter is powered by a self-contained engine and includes audible and visible alarms, adding an additional layer of safety and performance in the field. The HDD Pipe Handling System’s integrated safety control valve also ensures pipe is never dropped. All Vacuworx Lifting Systems are CE certified, OSHA compliant, and manufactured to meet or exceed ASME/ANSI safety standards. 918.259.3050,

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