GML Coatings Reports Success With Green Monster, SewerCrete Products

GML Coatings specializes in concrete restoration and coating of new and existing water and wastewater infrastructure.

GML applies a variety of specialty coatings and is the owner and exclusive applicator of the Green Monster line of elastomeric coatings and SewerCrete concrete products nationwide. GML provides a turnkey project for all new construction and existing infrastructure that is in need of a protective coating and/or concrete restoration.

Green Monster Liner is a two component, 100 percent solids, zero VOC pure polyurea (all Amine and Polyetheramine-based) that has been developed for concrete restoration, steel corrosion protection, as well as waterproofing. Green Monster Liner can be applied at temperatures ranging from minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. This aromatic polyurea displays excellent chemical resistance, thermal stability, permeation and UV resistance. 941.755.2176,

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