TT Technologies Offers Mini Grundotugger

Trenchless plastic and copper service line replacement with the Mini Grundotugger is simple.

Small launch and exit pits are dug at either end of the service line being replaced. A winch cable is rodded from the exit pit, through the existing line, to the launch pit. At the launch pit, the Mini Grundotugger’s specially designed splitting expander is attached to the winch line. The Mini Grundotugger winch is placed in the exit pit and the winch line is loaded into the unit. The expander forces the split pipe into the surrounding soil. Contractors can choose to pull in the new pipe directly behind the expander or retrieve the split service first, and then pull in the new service.

Two Mini-Grundotugger models are available. One model offers 9,000 pounds of pullback while the other offers 12,000 pounds of pullback. The unit’s specially designed splitting head and expander splits the host pipe and pulls in the new pipe directly behind the expander. Various attachments and cutting head options are available for a wide range of host pipe and product pipe characteristics. 630.851.8200,

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