Rehab Focus: Remote Inspection Equipment

Remote inspection equipment by Envirosight, Ratech Electronics, CUES, R.S. Technical Services and Aries Industries.

ROVVER X SAT, a new lateral launch crawler for the industry-leading ROVVER X line of video inspection crawlers, is ideal for locating potentially deadly gas line cross-bores, as well as performing other lateral inspections where residential access is impractical. The ROVVER X SAT crawls up to 500 feet down main lines as small as 6 inches, and then launches its auto-leveling pan/tilt illuminated camera as far as 100 feet into laterals 4 inches and larger. 866.936.8476,

Ratech Electronics

Ratech Electronics’ newest portable inspection system for pipes and drains is as small as 4 inches in diameter – the Pan n’ Tilt Push Camera. Originally used as a mainline camera, the Pan n’ Tilt has been redesigned to fit into small lateral pipes. This camera can be purchased as a retrofit to existing Ratech systems or as a stand-alone unit. The Pan n’ Tilt rotates 360 degrees and 210 degrees up and down for easier and more detailed viewing. An optional steerable gooseneck assists the camera in the direction you want it to go. Combining this camera to a Ratech control unit such as the Elite SD gives recording capability using SD/USB drives and allows mpeg video capture and jpeg image capture of your pipe inspections. Also included is a 512Hz sonde, an on-screen text display overlay system, electronic distance counter, time, date and eight pages of memory. Standard Gel-Rod cable length supplied is 200-400 feet. 800.461.9200,


The self-propelled, LAMP II lateral launcher is designed to perform simultaneous lateral and mainline inspections. LAMP II with the optional Mini Pan & Tilt Camera will inspect laterals services and traverse multiple bends and wyes when deployed with or against the flow. Mainline inspection is accomplished with a pan, tilt and 40:1 zoom camera. LAMP II can pull 1,000-foot video cable, reducing traffic control expenses while increasing production, and launch 150 feet or more into the lateral. The Mini pan & Tilt camera includes a detachable steering wand, self-leveling camera head, built-in lens wiper, 360 degrees pan and tilt, four banks of LED’s with variable light intensity, and a built in sonde with switchable frequencies. 800.327.7791,

R.S. Technical Services

The OmniEYE 360 pipeline inspection camera is a single conductor inspection tool, compatible with existing RST portable and mainline inspection systems and modifiable for use with most multi-conductor systems. With its continuous 360 degree image capture, operators can perform uninterrupted pipeline inspections at speeds up to two times faster than traditional methods (up to 70 feet per minute). The OmniEYE 360 camera is designed for inspection in lined 6 inches and larger diameter lines up to 2,500 feet in length. 800.767.1974,

Aries Industries

Aries’ Side Scanning Inspection System (PM6000) is ideal for generating lay flat images and video inspections. Inspection productivity is improved with rapid inspections and accurate, detailed condition assessments. It provides simultaneous full motion video and lay flat inspection images; virtual pan and tilt viewing; and high resolution inspection of lined 6 inch and larger applications. The system is plug-in compatible with existing Aries systems and transporters and integrates easily with industry standard software solutions. The Side Scanning Inspection System captures industry standard NTSC video files for full motion viewing while clearly identifying pipeline features and defects with lay flat representation. 800.234.7205,

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