Thompson Pipe Group, American Concrete Pipe Association

When Congressman Roger Williams (TX-25) toured the Johnson County Pipe Plant in Alvarado, TX, on Aug. 19, he didn’t just shake hands and marvel at the state-of-the-art machinery. He actually manufactured a piece of concrete pipe himself!

It was a new experience for the U.S. representative, and one he proudly recounted for visitors in the days that followed.

The event was the latest in a series of educational plant tours organized by the American Concrete Pipe Association. It was also an important opportunity to underscore the industry’s commitment to quality production and worker safety while reinforcing on-going concerns about the federal government’s insufficient funding of infrastructure improvements with a key member of the House transportation committee.

“We’re glad U.S. Congressman Roger Williams visited our facility and helped elevate the conversation of our failing infrastructure,” said Ken Thompson, president of Thompson Pipe Group, which owns the JCP plant. “Funding infrastructure replacement, rather than patching repairs when failures occur, saves U.S. taxpayer dollars in the long-term and puts more Americans to work.” 817.783.3444,; 972.506.7216,

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