ADS Unveils New Stormwater Pipe Technology

Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc., has revealed its latest breakthrough in stormwater pipe technology, HPXR™ 75. This new technology provides heightened levels of stiffness, is available in a range of sizes, and yields significant cost benefits for customers compared to alternative products.

“The HPXR 75 product will enable us to make significant inroads in the large and growing infrastructure and public construction markets for larger diameter storm pipe,” said Joe Chlapaty, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Advanced Drainage Systems. “The construction industry is seeking product options with improved service characteristics, installation durability and increased joint performance; the HPXR 75 product line will directly address those needs.”

The revolutionary design of the HPXR™ pipe incorporates a corrugated polypropylene pipe with a smooth outer wall that incorporates oriented fiberglass reinforcement, creating a pipe with increased stiffness, approximately 75 pii, and installation performance. The product will be available in diameters ranging from 30 to 60 inches, and 13 and 20 foot lengths.

HPXR™ will allow for a broad range of backfill materials and installation conditions, reducing costs while increasing installation speed with confidence of consistent line and grade. The watertight bell and spigot exceeds ASTM D3212 and complies with ASTM F477.

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