Ring-O-Matic Introduces Compact Vacuum Excavator, Spin Doctor and Crack Cleaner

Ring-O-Matic’s new compact vacuum excavator unit, FT150, gives rental agencies and startup contractors an economical, versatile hydro-excavator to use on job sites too small for typical vacuum-excavator rigs. It is also well-suited to the entry-level contractor needing a versatile, yet economical, hydro-excavator with Ring-O-Matic dependability.

FT150’s 150-gallon spoils tank mounts easily in the bed of a pickup or can be mounted to a skid-steer via an attachment plate for easy access, even in the tight confines of many urban residential properties. 

As an authorized distributor, Ring-O-Matic now offers three Spin Doctor valve exercising models from Hurco Technologies Inc.

All three models − SD-400, SD-800 and ERB-800 − can be mounted to any Ring-O-Matic vac-ex machine to maintain valves 4 to 60 inches. Hurco booms have up to 13 feet of reach with 270-degree side-to-side swing, allowing operators to access multiple valves in close range without repositioning the rig. Operators simply clean debris from in and around the valve fixture with the power of a Ring-O-Matic hydro-excavator and then connect the Spin Doctor exerciser to the valve. The vac-ex machine serves as the power plant throughout the application. Operators can conduct valve and hydrant exercising up to 100 feet away.

The Ring-O-Matic Crack Cleaner scours any crack or crevice clean with high-pressure water in a wide array of applications – without splatter from detritus, soil or other debris. Construction contractors, paving companies and city crews can use it for applications such as expansion joint prep work.

The Crack Cleaner unit’s wheeled carriage positions a jet of high-pressure water from a rotary nozzle at optimum height above the surface being cleaned. Brush-like skirts on the carriage create a shielded environment around the unit while it vacuums the water and debris into a vac-ex unit’s storage tank. (800) 544-2518, ring-o-matic.com.

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