HammerHead Pneumatic Percussion HDD Drilling System

The ROUGHNECK R600 is the largest of the range’s pneumatic percussion drilling systems for use in directional drilling applications, and is designed for drilling solid rock with bit diameters of 7.25 to 8 inches. The R600 completes the range of ROUGHNECK rock drills joining the R400 designed for 5.25-inch straight and offset bits, and the ROUGHNECK R500 for straight and offset bits to 6.25 inches in diameter.

Whether you’re drilling in soft rock, solid rock or intermittent conditions like boulders separated by soil, the R600 rock hammer will hit your target. The patented offset steering rock bit design provides precise steering. Patented check valves in R600 bits eliminate ingestion of debris and face cleaning exhaust ports prevent plugging of the hammer maximizing tool performance.

The high flow design of the HD universal housing complements the R500 by increasing the air flow. This makes the R500 hit harder and faster, supplying your drill with unmatched power to operate successfully in the toughest rock.

The control station with integrated electronics is easily installed on any drill. Simply install a tee and a ball valve on the high pressure side of the mud pump to provide a path for the air supply to be directed into the drilling fluid supply line. The Roughneck control station utilizes the drill’s existing mud pump to efficiently deliver air, oil and fluids down hole. This innovative design reduces thecontrol station footprint and weight. Integrated electronics facilitates maximum control of the drilling operation, providing the operator with outstanding control and increased productivity while never leaving the drill operator’s station.

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