IPEG Launches UTTO Virtual Reality Training Studio

IPEG Corporation, a Naples, FL-based developer of mobile products and locate equipment for the telecommunications, pipeline and utility industries, has launched its UTTO Virtual Reality Training Studio. This latest line extension of UTTO’s buried asset digital services creates an immersive, real-world electromagnetic environment where the complex skills required for a successful locate can be taught, reinforced and evaluated in a safe setting and at a lower cost.

The breakthrough, smart technologies seamlessly integrate within any existing locate device, enabling sub-meter GPS mapping, automatic line generation, legacy map correction and quality assurance of the locates recorded.

“Principalities and municipalities set their scientific standards for a good locate,” said Alan Haddy, president of IPEG. “Locate metrics such as ‘total distance’ may be a higher priority than ‘target alignment’ for one business versus another. We created a proprietary algorithm encompassing characteristics for locate, distance and time metrics. Companies may establish their weighted values based on their objectives. The simulators are customized to meet the business objectives.”

In conjunction with launching this training and certification technology platform, IPEX announced that it will be led by Dr. Robert Milner, the company’s new chief technology officer.(239)-963-1470, ipegcorp.com

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