Companies Join Forces to Help Utilities Better Design Sewer, Water Systems

The SUEZ Group has agreed to provide increased capital funding to Optimatics, a company specializing in technology that optimizes the design of water and sewer networks.

“We are proud to strengthen our partnership with Optimatics and to support the development of this young digital innovative company, which has developed efficient solutions that provide a rupture method compared to existing approaches,” said Loïc Voisin, Director of Innovation, Marketing and Industrial Performance with the SUEZ Group. “We are thus complementing the AQUADVANCED®1 offer, the Group’s range of digital solutions dedicated to water services performance. We now have a unique offer to support our clients in optimising their hydraulic infrastructures, from designing a network to operating it throughout its lifetime. This partnership will speed up the deployment of these solutions on all our markets where resilient and efficient networks are a key element of development.”

Optimatics’ Optimizer™ technology is a digital solution designed to generate the most effective combination of hydraulic equipment (reservoirs, pumps, pipes, etc.) balanced between investment cost and infrastructure efficiency (flow, pressure, energy consumption). Since 2014, the solution has been installed in the following U.S. cities:

  • Washington, D.C.
  • Houston, Texas
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Denver, CO

Optimatics CEO Corey Williams says the partnership will enable utilities to substantially reduce sewer and water infrastructure expenditures.

“Optimatics is excited about this strengthened partnership with a world leader in water management,” Williams said. “Combining OPTIMATICS’ Optimizer™ software with the highly skilled engineers of SUEZ Consulting will enable utilities globally to avoid substantial, and often unnecessary, capital and operational expenditures. Integrating Optimizer™ in SUEZ’s digital offer will accelerate our growth in the coming years.”





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