Ditch Witch MT16 Microtrencher Saves Time, Money On Fiber Deployments

To increase productivity and improve ROI on fiber job sites, Ditch Witch, a Charles Machine Works Company, has introduced the MT16 microtrencher. The cost-effective machine creates an ideal trench in a single, quick and efficient pass when working with the Ditch Witch RT55 or RT80 ride-on trenchers, and the FX65 vacuum excavator.

Designed to cut narrow trenches – 0.5 to 2.0 inches wide and up to 16-inches deep – the MT16 decreases the disruption to surrounding infrastructure during fiber deployments. An integrated hydraulic accumulator maintains constant pressure on the saw frame for sharper-edged cuts and improved spoils removal. In addition, an infinitely variable hydraulic plunge feature provides depth control from 0 to 16 inches, eliminating manual adjustment of the microtrencher. For a tighter-cut radius, the unit’s frame swings up to 6 degrees in each direction, enabling operators to efficiently cut on a street corner or around a cul-de-sac.

“Constrained time and unplanned expenses are the leading job-site hurdles we hear from utility contractors,” said Steve Seabolt, Ditch Witch product manager, heavy duty trenchers. “Our new MT16 microtrencher is designed to help operators complete fiber jobs efficiently with less time and expense. Compared to traditional installation methods, the MT16 creates consistent trenches for faster fiber deployments, reducing the cost-per-foot on fiber job sites.”

The MT16 is compatible with a complete lineup of Ditch Witch saw blades, from standard carbide-tipped blades to the Ditch Witch-exclusive Fiberblade, which combines the benefits of both diamond and carbide for a durable, maintenance-free design lasting up to 10 times longer than standard blades. All saw blades for the MT16 are easily changeable on a job site with standard hand tools. 800-654-6481, ditchwitch.com

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