CPS Energy Sends Crews to Florida to Help With Irma Power Restoration Efforts

CPS Energy today announced it is sending crews to assist Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) with power restoration efforts in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

“Our response exemplifies our commitment to people and now extends to restoring a community in need,” said Paula Gold-Williams, CPS Energy President & CEO. “In the spirit of helping our neighbors, we are proud to have been asked to support the restoration efforts. It’s great when others recognize our employees’ valuable skills and strong work ethic in restoring power safely, just as they do for the neighborhoods throughout San Antonio whenever there is a need.”

Today, 58 crew members, including 38 overhead construction personnel, 6 utility workers and 8 fleet support caravanned out of San Antonio in 28 vehicles comprised of 12 bucket trucks, 3 pole setting trucks and other support equipment. The team will drive to Moss Point, Mississippi to rest for the night before continuing to a staging area in Jacksonville, Florida where they will receive instructions regarding their assignment.

Assistance will be provided for up to three weeks.

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