Ohio Communities Receive $190 Million for Sewer, Water Projects

The Ohio EPA has awarded more than $190 million in funding for sewer and water construction projects across the state.

The projects awarded funding include:

  • $200,000 to the village of West Union to improve water quality in the Ohio River through upgrades to the community’s sanitary sewer system.  The project includes a sewer rate study, and the development of a facilities plan to improve sewers, pump stations and the existing wastewater treatment plant along with extending service to unsewered areas.
  • $125.17 million to Hamilton County for the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati’s Project Groundwork Luck Run combined sewer overflow elimination project and the Wyoming and Minion Avenues combined sewer separation project.  The projects include the construction of approximately 5,600 feet of expanded storm sewer capacity with an open channel designed to mimic a natural stream channel, 8,000 feet of pipe through a narrow urban corridor, approximately 3,310 feet of 12- to 42-inch storm sewer to separate combined sewers and 1,670 feet of partially separated sewers.
  • $60.74 million to the City of Toledo for two combined sewer overflow elimination projects.  The projects include the construction of a 17-million gallon underground combined sewage storage basin in downtown Toledo adjacent to the Maumee River, the separation of sewers in the Swan Creek North area, and the construction of new storm sewers, manholes and catch basins to remove storm water from combined sewers.
  • $3.08 million to the village of Seville to eliminate areas of low water pressure in the water distribution system.  The project includes the construction of two 150,000 gallon elevated tanks, the addition of new valve vaults and the replacement of undersized pipes. In addition, the village will decommission a 500,000-gallon standpipe and demolish a 75,000-gallon tank.
  • $553,850 to the village of Garrettsville for Phase 2 of its North Street (SR 88) water main improvement project. The project includes the replacement of an aged and undersized water main with 1,800 feet of new 8-inch pipe, along with hydrants, valves and connections.
  • $847,962 to the village of Wellington to install new sanitary sewers and water mains as part of a complete reconstruction of Adams Street.Created in 1989, the Water Pollution Control Loan Fund (WPCLF) provides below market interest rate loans for communities to improve their wastewater treatment systems.

For more information, visit epa.ohio.gov/defa/EnvironmentalandFinancialAssistance.aspx.

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