StraightLine HDD Expands Hole Opener Lineup

StraightLine HDD expanded its lineup of hole openers with the introduction of the XL-I Series. Designed from the ground up for horizontal directional drilling, the series is positioned as a cost-effective alternative to “split-bit” hole openers.

At the core of the XL-I are proprietary cones, available in six sizes, in either Tungsten Carbide or Mill Tooth configurations. Mounted to a purpose-built platform, the design facilitates load transfer to the shaft and bearing, with minimal radial load. The result is a dramatic improvement in production, service life and consistency – bore after bore.

Next, designers set out to address wear and performance characteristics by re-examining the interplay between cone diameter, height and carbide placement. Cones are sized and attached to the baseplate at an angle that protects vulnerable surfaces. Shortened cone height further improves wear resistance. Carbides placed to cut independent paths yield higher efficiency and longer service life.

Internally, the cone’s proprietary sealing and bearing system mitigates fluid intrusion, generating myriad user benefits from reduced torque and fuel consumption, to extended tool life.

As a platform, the XL-I Series incorporates design characteristics that ensure the tool’s original geometry is maintained, even after rebuild. This approach enables consistent and repeatable performance.

The cone sizes range from 12.75 to 24 inches, with IF Box x Box shafts.

Hutchinson, KS, StraightLine HDD offers total HDD solutions – from rig to bit, including a full line of downhole tools, wear parts and accessories, hard condition tools (under the Armadrillco brand), and used HDD rigs and support equipment through its 2015 merger with Source: HDD.

StraightLine HDD, (620) 802-0200,

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