Illinois American Water Announces Winners of “Imagine a Day Without Water” Art Contest

Illinois American Water has selected the winners of its annual “Imagine a Day Without Water” art contest. The company offered the contest to 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classrooms within the company’s service area. The contest is held annually in conjunction with the Value of Water Coalition’s “Imagine a Day Without Water” event to raise awareness about the value of water service.

“It’s hard to imagine even just one day without water,” said Bruce Hauk, president of Illinois American Water. “We need water to make our morning coffee, to cook family dinners, to fight fires, for public health and more. Even though water service is essential, the public often takes its value for granted. We want to thank our local educators for taking time to talk to their students about the value of water. Our team was impressed with the number and quality of entries received from across the state.”

The art contest winners listed below earned a $100 donation for their classroom:

Jaden Lucas, 5th grader at Grace Christian School in Pontiac
Mary Clavey, 4th grader at St. Matthew Catholic School in Champaign
Sam Kurka, 4th grader at West Lincoln-Broadwell Elementary School in Lincoln
Allison Smith, 5th grader at Northlawn Junior High School in Streator
Cuinn Donnellan, 4th grader at St. Peter’s Catholic School in South Beloit
Sydney Plavec, 4th grader at St. Vincent de Paul School in Peoria
Joanna Jeffrey, 4th grader at Pleasant Hill Elementary School in Peoria
Twanya Davis, 5th grader at East Elementary School in Alton
Brooke Rister, 5th grader at St. Ambrose Catholic School in Godfrey
Cassidy Eccles, 5th grader at St. Ambrose Catholic School in Godfrey
Eila Brian, 4th grader at St. Joseph’s Catholic School in Pekin
Sean Tison, 5th grader at Union Elementary School in Belleville
Rheece Garavalia, 3rd grader at Blessed Sacrament School in Belleville
Cayden McNease, 3rd grader at Notre Dame Academy in Belleville

Winning artwork can be viewed on Illinois American Water’s Facebook page at More information on the company’s “Imagine a Day Without Water”  contest can be found at

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