Mammoth Energy to Help Rebuild Puerto Rico’s Energy Infrastructure

Mammoth Energy Services, Inc.’s wholly owned subsidiary, Cobra Acquisitions LLC, has signed a contract to aid in the restoration of utility infrastructure on the island of Puerto Rico. The contract will commence immediately and is expected to generate revenue of up to $200 million over the initial 120 days.

“We are honored to be chosen to help restore the electric utility infrastructure for the residents of Puerto Rico,” Arty Straehla, Mammoth Energy’s Chief Executive Officer, said.  “After witnessing the destruction from Hurricane Maria first hand last weekend, where 85% of Puerto Rico’s residents are currently living without electricity, we intend to work quickly both to help rebuild the electric grid and to help restore normalcy to people’s lives.”

The work to be provided includes the following:

  • Comprehensive damage assessment of existing electrical grid.
  • Engineering services to aid in the design of a new electric utility grid to Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) specifications.
  • Construction services to rebuild the electric grid.
  • Fully self-contained solution including all operational and life support related to operating within the disaster area without creating an additional strain on the local population.

The initial mobilization of construction equipment and personnel is expected to begin in the coming days with people currently in place performing an initial damage and engineering assessment to determine the full scope of work required.

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