McLaughlin Introduces Steerable Auger Boring In Fractured, Solid Rock

By Jeff Griffin Senior Editor

McLaughlin has introduced a new auger boring machine that is steerable in both fractured and solid rock to PSI ratings of 25,000 pounds.

“The SRS steerable rock system IS designed to navigate not only solid rock, but also difficult fractured rock formations, allowing an operator to keep bores on-line and -grade in the toughest conditions,” said Dave Gasmovic, McLaughlin Group business development manager. “The SRS is a one-pass system and unlike pilot tube equipment, does not require two passes.”

Gasmovic said availability is limited now, with full production scheduled in 2018. The system can be set up to bore in diameters of 36, 42, 48 and 60 inches.\

Gasmovic explained how the unique design of the cutting head sets the SRS apart from other guided boring equipment it has 61/2-inch disc cutters and Kennametal picks that cut hard solid rock, and breaking soft and fractured rock. The large opening at the front of the cutting head allows fractured rock to enter.

On grade

Hydraulic flaps are adjusted to change direction of the cutting head.

“Grade,” Gasmovic said, “is monitored with a water level – still the most accurate way to monitor grade for sewer installations. Line is monitored by using two plum bobs and two LED lights mounted in the head. Sighting the lights with the plum bob tells the operator if the bore path is left or right of the target.”

Maximum bore lengths to 600 feet are possible, depending on diameter of pipe and soil conditions.

The footprint of the SRS varies with setup, but a starting pit of 12 by 34 feet is typically sufficient. The unit is powered by any ABM power source with 100 horsepower.
McLaughlin is based in Greenville, SC. In addition to auger boring machines, the company manufactures vacuum excavators, utility locators, piercing tools, compact pit-launch directional drills, core saws, and related equipment.

McLaughlin, (800) 435-9340,

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