Vermeer creates HDD simulator to help train operators

Training operators is a real challenge for the industry right now. To help with this challenge, Vermeer created a horizonal directional drill (HDD) simulator.

The new Vermeer NavigatorTM HDD simulator gives utility companies and contractors a cost-effective way of training crew members for operating a HDD rig. The virtual hands-on simulator delivers the realistic experience of sitting behind the controls of a Vermeer horizontal directional drill using standard controls and an authentic Vermeer Navigator HDD drill operator station. This combination educates the user while simultaneously reinforcing muscle memory.

It mimics the experience of operating a real drill, and the programming includes a typical project an operator could face any day. Also, by using the simulator instead of an actual drill, there will be less wear and tear on equipment and tooling every time a new operator is trained.

The simulator gives the user a chance to compare in real-time their actual drilling path to the planned bore path in the program. A simulated underground view provides better understanding of the concept of horizontal directional drilling to new workers and helps experienced operators better hone their skills.

For additional information about the Vermeer Navigator HDD simulator and more in-depth HDD training, visit or contact your local Vermeer dealer.

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