Ohio Water Projects Receive $2.2 Million

The Ohio EPA has awarded approximately $2.2 million in low-interest loans to improve two water systems across the state.

The projects receiving funding include:

  • $20,170 to the City of Toronto to develop an asset management plan for the city’s public drinking water system. Once completed, the asset management plan will help the city manage its drinking water infrastructure to maintain or improve the level of service at a sustainable total cost.
  • $2.18 million to the Village of Grafton, which includes replacing 1,900 feet of 6 inch and 12-inch water mains with 12-inch pipes, and installing piping at a new booster pump station and a transmission pipe for a new 200,000-gallon storage tank.

Created in 1998, the Water Supply Revolving Loan Account (WSRLA) provides below-market interest rate loans for compliance-related improvements for community water systems and nonprofit, non-community public water systems.

More information about the WSRLA is available at: epa.ohio.gov/defa/EnvironmentalandFinancialAssistance.aspx.

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