Agencies Praise Trump’s Infrastructure Plan

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and the Ductile Iron Pipe Research Association (DIPRA) today issued their support of the Trump administration’s Infrastructure Initiative designed to address the needs of the nation’s aging water infrastructure.

According to the USACE, the traditional civil works funding approach is not sustainable to meet the nation’s water infrastructure needs. The innovative approaches and changes proposed in the Infrastructure Initiative could potentially provide opportunities to apply new financing approaches and streamline business processes to meet the current and future infrastructure needs.

Additionally, DIPRA’s President Patrick J. Hogan says the Infrastructure Initiative will help get sewer and water construction projects approved and completed in a more-timely manner.

“We applaud the continued focus on water infrastructure, as well as efforts to remove federal burdens on local communities that need to move quickly to repair and replace aging drinking and wastewater systems,” Hogan said. “The budget deal recently signed into law is a great down payment on the significant amount of government funding that should be made available for buried infrastructure projects. But while federal regulators should keep a careful eye on their investments, Congress and the White House should continue to avoid red tape and top-down mandates that will only slow down the rebuilding of our nation’s infrastructure.”

Under the Infrastructure Initiative, the Trump administration hopes to incentivize and expedite the approval of infrastructure projects by streamlining delivery and removing barriers. To accomplish this goal, additional programs would be created to advance the development of water resources infrastructure through loans and grants.


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