Keystone protesters

Fighting Back The Zealots

September 2016, Vol. 71 No. 9

by Robert Carpenter, Editor-in-Chief We lost the Keystone Pipeline to politics rather than rational justification. The environmental lobby had enough political clout with President Obama when he took office to manipulate his anti-carbon leanings into…

Flint Inquisition

The Flint Inquisition Begins

August 2016, Vol. 71 No. 8

by Robert Carpenter, Editor in Chief Two significant developments related to the Flint, MI, lead-tainted water crisis popped up recently and, sad to say, I’m not surprised. As the repercussions continue to reverberate, public pressure…

Utility Management Report

Making A Triumph Out Of Tragedy

July 2016, Vol. 71 No. 7

by Robert Carpenter Editor-in-Chief For a surprisingly large number of contractors and manufacturers in the infrastructure markets, the first half of 2016 has seen a tepid advance, even with favorable economic winds at their backs.…