August 2011, Vol. 66 No. 8

New Products

Hunting Trenchless Releases New HDD Drill Pipe

Hunting Trenchless has released its new 700 and 1000 Series HIWS1 drill pipe; a durable, one-piece forged pipe design engineered for the unique rigors of horizontal directional drilling applications.

The 700-series and 1000-series pipe, designed for respective use on Vermeer Series II directional drills in the 36,000-pound and 100,000-pound classes, utilizes a durable one-piece forged design, eliminating joints and welds, the number-one source of pipe failure.

700 series pipe.

The HIWS1 design starts with a proprietary I-135 steel alloy that is engineered for durability and flexibility, giving the 700 series and the 1000 series pipe the best bend radius in their respective classes. To that, Hunting provides a double-shoulder design for handling increased torque, as well as rugged, precision-machined threads engineered to resist fatigue.

“The downhole forces that HDD pipe is subjected to in the field today, especially during pullback, are greater than they’ve ever been,” says Greg Adkins, product design manager. “Our unique design gives customers more pipe than they need to handle the loads we’re seeing out there.”

Hunting HIWS1 pipe also is designed with a larger inner diameter for increased fluid flow.

“Especially in the 100,000-pound class where higher fluid flow is really important,” adds Klane Kirby, Hunting’s general manager, “the HIWS1 just makes for a more productive bore.”


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