September 2013, Vol. 68 No. 9

Equipment Spotlight

Reamers & Hole Openers: Equipment Spotlight

Reamers and hole openers from Atlas Copco, Century Products,
Horizontal Technology, Vermeer, Radius HDD Tools, INROCK, American Augers, Melfred Borzall, Railhead Underground Products and Sharewell HDD Services.

Atlas Copco
Atlas Copco Secoroc engineers combined hard rock cutting structures, shirt tail wear protection and leading-edge bearing and seal package technology to create “bit third” type reamers specifically designed for the HDD market. Atlas Copco Secoroc Hole Openers utilize these random cutting structure bit thirds, precisely positioned to assure equal load distribution, maximizing cutter count for hard rock applications. Atlas Copco Secoroc Hole Openers are available in diameters from 10 to 60 inches. 800.732.6762,

Century Products

Century Products offers a solution to small rig operators with their newly designed Falcon Hole Opener Line. These solid body Hole Openers allow contractors with 50 to 200 class rigs to drill in hard rock. Century’s Falcon Line Hole Openers are available in 20-, 24- and 30-inches with 12.5- and 16-inch cutter options. Multiple shaft sizes and thread configurations are available for this re-buildable design which features replaceable Arm and Cone Assemblies. 262.820.3600,

Horizontal Technology

One tool continues to lead the HDD Industry in hole opener footage. Why? From 4 ½ to 72 inches, on the shelf, they are ready to go for any formation. For efficiency and cost effectiveness while minimizing down-time, the RockReamer has opened more holes for more contractors than any other tool. Horizontal Technology Inc. supplies the RockReamer to successful contractors across the country and around the world. 888.556.5511,

BORESTORE offers the complete line of Vermeer horizontal directional drill tooling and accessories, available to contractors 24/7. Contractors can shop any of three ways: by going to, calling the BORESTORE tooling experts at 866-VERMEER (866-837-6337), or visiting any of 120 Vermeer dealers coast-to-coast. BORESTORE features more than 1,100 products in all categories of tooling and accessories, including Firestick drill rod, rock tooling, reamers, electronics, geothermal tooling and more. Various shipping options are also available including local dealer pickup, direct ship — even overnight delivery — to ensure customers receive products quickly. 888.837.6337,

Radius HDD Tools
Keep your hard rock HDD projects on schedule! Radius now offers a complete line of split bit hole openers in stock and available for same day shipping. Radius hole openers are designed to offer you maximum production in some of the hardest rock conditions and are built to last. And Radius still offers custom hole openers built to your specific requirements as well. To view the company’s complete line of HDD tools and supplies including blades, housings, rock tools, subs and reamers, visit the website or call for a full line catalog. 800.892.9114,

INROCK’s XTR Extreme Reamer is the only HDD reaming platform (body design) with
interchangeable cutters covering the full spectrum of rock formations encountered in HDD
drilling applications. This product line has been expanded with the launch of INROCK’s new patented XTR-S Extreme Reamer featuring a proprietary, field interchangeable cutter design allowing drillers to easily change cutters, both tungsten carbide insert (TCI) and milled tooth (MT) on job site, in minutes, without any welding. XTR-S cutters, manufactured by INROCK, incorporate “state of the science” sealed bearing system design features, propriety cutting structure, and a unique, patented cutter retention system. 713.69.5600,

American Augers
From 18 inches to 34 inches, the Hole Opener by American Augers is the much needed HDD jobsite tool when conducting reaming or pre-reaming operation through intrusive hard soils or rock formations. Features include excellent flow characteristics, cutting ability and low torque due to rolling cutters. 419.869.7107,

Melfred Borzall
The Ogre Reamer is one tough reamer with more cutters than any other reamer in its class. Available in cut sizes from 12 to 36 inches, each cutter takes off only ¼ inch more soil than previous stage resulting in a smooth, efficient cutting action. Slow taper and deep spiraled fluting combine to give the Ogre maximum mixing and pumping. Angled fluid jets shoot water opposite the reamer rotation. Hardfacing is on all wear areas and there are curved backup blades for easier pushbacks. 800.833.1252,

Railhead Underground Products
Building on the success of the 8-, 12- and 16-inch EXTReam, Railhead now offers the reamer in 6 and 10 inches. These reamers are built with an API pin and box with a removable pulling eye at the back of the reamer. This allows the user to quickly hook up many configurations. The EXTReam is delivered from the factory with most of the side and rear water ports plugged which forces most of the flow out the front to properly mix the cuttings. Railhead supplies a variety of different size nozzles and plugs that can be used to reconfigure the water ports based upon the volume of mud being pumped and the conditions encountered during the pilot bore. 817.594.6663,

Sharewell HDD Services
Sharewell’s heavy-duty LTX series of Lo-Torque Hole Opener is ideal for pipeline projects. The field replaceable cutters are available in IADC TCI type 5, 7 or 8 and in mill tooth style. Each body can open four different hole sizes, and the larger cutters have big sealed bearings for longer downhole life. With only the cutters contacting the formation, less torque is required to operate the tool. 281.288.2560,

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