July 2015, Vol. 70, No. 7

New Products

Water Reclamation Units Reduce Sewer Cleaning Jetting Water Use By 90 Percent

National Plant Services, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Carylon Corp., has two new mobile water jet sewer cleaning systems that use water reclamation technology to capture, filter and reuse the wastewater from the water jet cleaning of sewers.

This technology enables these systems to complete an entire day of cleaning with just 1,000 gallons of water, as opposed to the more than 8-10,000 gallons of potable water used by traditional water jet sewer cleaning systems.

The new mobile systems, RECycler 315 water reclamation truck-based units made by J. Hvidtved Larsen A/S of Denmark, use a five-step continuous cleaning process employing filters and settling tanks to clean jetting water and recycle it for reuse.

Larsen trucks, while new to the United States, are widely used across Europe for their ability to reduce water use. National Plant Service is currently the only company in the western United States with these trucks.

High-velocity water jet cleaning of sewers is an extremely efficient and effective technique, but requires high volumes of water. The capability of the RECycler 315 to capture and recycle that water reduces water use without affecting in any way the effectiveness of the cleaning. In addition, since traditional water jet cleaning trucks cannot carry the full volume of water they need for a day of cleaning, cleaning operations stop repeatedly in order to replenish water needed to operate significantly reducing operational efficiency.

The new National Plant Services trucks can work continuously until the day’s work is complete, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. 800.445.3614, www.nationalplant.com

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