March 2015, Vol. 70, No. 3

Equipment Spotlight

Equipment Spotlight: Downhole Directional Drilling Tools

Downhole directional drilling tools by Hunting Trenchless, HammerHead Trenchless Equipment, Sharewell HDD, Railhead Underground Products, INROCK, Ditch Witch, Vermeer, American Augers, Radius HDD Tools, Melfred Borzall, StraightlineHDD and Horizontal Technology.

Hunting Trenchless
With a design that sets them apart from conventional mud motors, the new Hunting M-Series Mud Motors incorporates SWB (Survey While Boring) technology that directly improves the ability to control the bit’s direction by locating the sonde housing into the bearing housing just three feet behind the bit. This provides the operator more accurate tracking information. Hunting’s mud motors also come with a unique sealed oil bath bearing design eliminating the problem of mud flushing through the system. 855.367.9296,

HammerHead Trenchless Equipment
HammerHead’s ROUGHNECK Pneumatic Rock Hammer system turns any horizontal directional drill into a highly productive rock drilling machine. It drills up to 150 feet per hour while providing enhanced steering performance. Coupled with the universal HD high flow rock drill housing, the rock hammer expands the capabilities of a single pipe directional drill to match nearly every rock condition without changing out the housing. 800.331.6653,

Sharewell HDD
Sharewell HDD is now a fully authorized reseller for Sandvik HDD products including the world renowned and patented HDX line of Ultra-Performance pilot hole bits and hole opening products. Sharewell HDD brings 30 years of professional resources and experience to this relationship. 281.288.2560,

Railhead Underground Products
Railhead Underground Products’ EXTReam reamer has made the HDD contractors return on investment more profitable than any other tool in HDD. Many EXTReam reamers are still in use after more than 10 years’ service. Configurable jets and replaceable teeth make this the perfect reamer for a wide variety of ground conditions. 817.594.6663,

INROCK Standard Rock Reamers are fabricated using only “new bit” Sealed Bearing Drill Bits Sections. Proper tool design, welding techniques, heat treating and hard-facing, are critical during the fabrication process to ensure tool strength, cutter integrity and bearing life. Understanding downhole torsional stress and vibration effects on welded components is vital in providing reliable standard rock reamers. The reamers are available in a variety of cutting structures, sizes and hardness ratings covering the entire range of HDD rock drilling applications. 713.690.5600,

Ditch Witch
The Ditch Witch SaverLok System is compatible with all Ditch Witch drills to provide the quickest, most secure protection against drill pipe and drive system wear. Durable TriHawk HD housings are now compatible with all Ditch Witch and Vermeer drills. Other tooling advancements include the versatile TriHawk VI drill bit, durable Rockmaster housing, industry’s-highest-tensile-strength Power Pipe HD drill pipes, and new Power Pipe Forged and Power Pipe Forged HXT drill pipes for both Ditch Witch and Vermeer drills. 800.654.6481,

The Armor Drilling System is now available for smaller horizontal directional drills ranging from 16,000-24,000 pounds of thrust/pullback. The Armor Drilling System features multiple bits and a patent-pending advanced bit mounting design utilizes a solid pin for bit retention and for ease in bit interchangeability and maintenance. The housing is constructed with dual water ports that deliver up to 70 gpm at 800 psi of mud flow to effectively carry cuttings out of the bore hole. The sonde lid is designed with a new roll pin retention feature and is built from heavy-duty materials to minimize distortion caused by flexing. 641.628.3141,

American Augers
The BULLDOG reamer is a 3-fluted cone shaped semi-compactor that is excellent for compactable soils and survives in intermittent rock. Benefits include: lots of replaceable jets for pressure tuning and easy repair of “washed out” jets; perimeter flow creates a complete slurry rather than stirring dry material; several carbide teeth make to small cuttings and to survive if a tooth is lost; and carbide-chip wear surfaces to extend the life of the tool. The BULLDOG is made of a heat treated 4140 aircraft alloy one piece shaft for excellent thread life and abrasion resistance, and tungsten carbide with cobalt added to resist, cracking and extend the life of the cutters. 419.869.7107,

Radius HDD Tools
The Radius Rock Bit Series delivers greater steering and control in any type of soil conditions while letting you navigate loose rock and solid rock conditions, too. Combined with Radius HDD Direct’s patented Hot Shot pull-back adaptor, you won’t have to waste time removing your bit to pull back. 800.892.9114,

Melfred Borzall
Designed for Melfred Borzall blades, the Quick-Swivel saves valuable time when boring through tough soil conditions. Made from the same quality components as the 5-ton ValuDUB swivel, the Quick-Swivel allows direct pull-backs without removing the drill head. The Quick-Swivel quickly bolts to the blade and stays in line with the rotation of the drill head, and works with Borzall’s Excalibur, Ultra Bit 3, Steep Taper Ultra Bit 3 and Bear Claw bits. 800.833.1252,

With a solid body foundation, the new Crusher reamer can be configured with either short-bodied radius top carbide buttons for hard rock up to 25,000 PSI or chisel-top carbide buttons for softer formations. The carbide buttons are precisely located on independent cutting paths to ensure maximum contact within the hole. Replaceable fluid ports deliver drilling fluids exactly where needed for smooth and efficient cutting action. The Crusher’s tapered solid-body transitions into full diameter in the back of the tool. A one-piece body and shaft design provides maximum strength and extended service life. Available in diameters from 4- to 10-inches, the Crusher is the ideal solution for small diameter bores in tough soil conditions. 800.654.3484,

Horizontal Technology
The Horizontal Technology five-cutter RockReamer is available for sizes of 24 inch and 30 inch with MT or TCI cutters selections. The tool utilizes HTI’s latest bearing technology and is much stronger than the standard split bit reamer. Cutters can be replaced and the body reused. 888.556.5511,

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