October 2015 Vol. 70 No. 10

New Products

American Augers Introduces Mid-Range Rig, Fluid Recycling System

American Augers has introduced two new horizontal directional drilling (HDD) products – the DD-110 directional drill and M200D drilling fluid recycling system.

The 110,000-pound pullback DD-110 represents the “low” end of the company’s mid-range directional drill lineup. The M200D fluid recycling system is designed for use with 100,000-pound-class and smaller drill rigs.

Both products are available now.

“Demand for equipment in the 100,000-pound directional drill category has grown immensely in the past five years,” said Richard Levings, American Augers director of product management. “They are well suited for small pipelines, water and sewer mains, outer gas distribution systems and gas transmission lines. The new DD-110 has many outstanding features that set it apart from other models.”

Levings said the M200D mud system likely will be most often used with drill units with pullback ratings from 40,000 to 100,000-pounds plus.

“It has reached the point that it is not economically feasible to make installations with this size equipment without reclaiming and recycling drilling fluid,” he added.

American Augers 110,000-pound pullback DD-110 represents the “low” end of the company’s mid-range directional drill lineupDD-110
“The power and efficiency of the DD-110’s rotary hydraulic system provides big power in a small package,” Levings said. “Its size and
extremely low noise levels allow it to work in congested areas where restrictions prohibit the use of other equipment. Low transport weight does not require a permit
ted load or trailer.”

In addition to 110,000 pounds of pullback, maximum rotary torque is 15,000 pounds. Power is provided by a 260-horsepower Tier 4 final diesel engine or optional
Tier 3 engine for use in areas where restrictions do not require
a Tier 4 engine.

The DD-110 features the latest radial piston hydraulic motor thrust drive that increases hydraulic efficiency for maximum thrust power, improved rotary speed and sliding rotary spindle for increased flexibility during pipe make up and breakout. Newly designed wrenches provide excellent gripping power and are open at the top to allow visibility of the tool joint. A new rotary pipe guide extends pipe life.

The dual-pivot frame allows drill frame angel adjustment without lifting tracks off the ground.

A new pivoting operator’s cab allows the operator to position it for best visibility and it is heated, air conditioned and has sliding windows. New double joy stick controls include function switches so the operator’s hands don’t have to be removed from the controls to operate drill functions. A wireless ground drive control allows the user to walk anywhere around the unit while
positioning the machine.

“The American Augers M200D is the most up-to-date, customer focused fluid cleaning system on the market for drilling rigs in the 100,000-pound class and below,” said Levings. “With regulations regarding control of drilling fluids on job sites coupled with pricing pressures, the M200D can help reduce overall costs by cleaning and reusing drilling fluids and significantly reducing fluid costs and the time and expenses of disposal.”

The M200D has a two-tank cleaning system with fluid coming from the pit going first over the screen to remove large solids. Fluid then goes to the first tank and flows through the de-silting/de-sanding cone and then to the clean tank.

It has a Derrick single-screen shaker, four in-tank mud guns to circulate fluid and prevent solids from settling in corners. It is equipped with three pumps: one for mixing, one for circulation and one for charging the drilling fluid pump. The plastic mixing hopper does not rust. There are dual input and discharge ports and sample collection values to check cleaned fluids. Pumps, motors and valves are easy to access for service.

The M200D has a solid working platform with mud pallet storage space with LED work lights. It has a quiet on-board generator with conveniently-located control panel.

Based in West Salem, OH, American Augers manufactures a full line of auger boring equipment, horizontal directions drills ranging from 110,000 to 1.2 million pounds of pullback, downhole tools and accessories for auger boring and HDD equipment, and drilling fluid pumps and fluid cleaning and recirculation systems. American Augers is a Charles Machine Works Inc. company.

American Augers
(800) 324-4930, www.americanaugers.com

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