April 2016, Vol. 71 No. 4

New Products

Vermeer CS418B Core Saw by McLaughlin Offers Speed, Minimal Surface Disturbance

The Vermeer CS418B Core Saw by McLaughlin provides utility contractors the ability to cut 4- to 18-inch diameter holes in improved surfaces, including asphalt and concrete, while minimally impacting the surface structure. The vacuum excavation technology can then be used to visually verify the location of utilities before underground construction work begins.

After the completion of the vacuum excavation process, when the utility has been located, approved backfill material is used for rein-statement. The fill material is then compacted and the core is grouted into place, leaving the surface space with nominal disturbance. The radial core conserves the integrity of the road in creating less structural damage to road systems, thus lengthening pavement life.

The CS418B is built on a portable, compact trailer measuring 137 inches long by 69 inches wide. The unit can be towed with a half-ton truck, resulting in ease of transport and less traffic flow interruptions in urban areas.

The core saw is powered by a 25-hp EFI Kohler engine, boasting a two-speed operation that can generate up to 380-rpm for capricious jobsite conditions. The water tank onboard the unit can hold up to 65 gallons of fresh water to assist in cooling the saw and extending bit life. The water pump boasts the ability to produce a variable flow from 0- to 2.8-gpm.

The Vermeer CS418B by McLaughlin also features a telescoping boom atop a pivot table, and it swings left and right 16 inches in-and-out. In addition, the boom can be raise and lowered hydraulically to provide for a great range of motion, making it simple to position the core saw bit. Contractors can also switch the bit size to adapt to fluctuating jobsite demands, or replace the saw’s thread, resulting in optimized productivity.

The CS418B is now available to customers through the Vermeer dealer network. www.mclaughlinunderground.com, www.vermeer.com.

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