June 2016, Vol. 71 No. 6

New Products

Vacuworx Introduces Portable Vacuum Lifting System

The ever-innovative Vacuworx announced the introduction of a completely portable design for its new vacuum lifting system. With a rechargeable battery boasting an 8-hour runtime, rugged lightweight construction and up to 2,200-pound lift capacity, the new PS 1 Portable Vacuum Lifting System from Vacuworx is not your average cordless tool.

The PS 1 is an ideal solution for smaller lifting challenges that frequent the job site. The patent-pending portable lifter makes light work out of lifting robust pieces of concrete, marble, granite, metal, steel and iron. Powered by a 12-volt rechargeable battery, the PS 1 is ideal for applications where no power source is available or no emissions are permitted.

The PS 1 could easily be compared to a suitcase, weighing in at a mere 25 pounds. But it makes up for its small stature with its rugged strength and can be used both indoors or outdoors as a great companion piece to small equipment including skid steers, electric skit steers, mini electric excavators, forklifts and small cranes. Three standard, interchangeable pad options are available ranging from 8-by-12 inches with a 693-pound lifting capacity, to 16-by-16 inches with a 1,654-pound lifting capacity. Additionally, Vacuworx will furnish consumers with more pad configurations upon request.

In addition to the PS 1, Vacuworx has also announced its offering of a faster, safer means for handling concrete road barriers. The company’s new HL Series Hydraulic Barrier Lifters offer a smarter way to handle concrete barriers.

While the traditional method of moving concrete road barriers with slings and chains is slow and lacks control and puts workers in harm’s way, the new HL Series Hydraulic Barrier Lifters from Vacuworx offer a faster, safer way to do the job.

The HL Series was designed for use with a variety of equipment, and the lifters connect easily and work with the host’s hydraulic system. Elastomer grips provide superior performance with full-surface contact without damaging materials. The series is equipped with a hydraulic lock for safety to prevent loss of load if hydraulic pressure is lost.

With 360-degree rotation, the HL Series is ideal for maneuvering in confined spaces during road, bridge and highway construction. Loading, unloading and installation is fast and easy thanks to the precision handling capabilities and wireless remote operation from the cab of the host machine. Additionally, the environmentally friendly lifting systems produce nearly no noise and air pollution, providing a solution for construction sites within city limits or with strict emissions guidelines.

The HL B1 is designed to lift concrete road barriers up to 6,00 pounds and 12 feet long, while the HL B2 can handle barriers up to 16,000 pounds and 30 feet long. Quick-couplers are available for virtually all host machines for the ultimate in attachment versatility and improved job productivity.

Vacuworx’s commitment to safety ensures all HL Series Hydraulic Barrier Lifters meet or exceed all global safety and engineering standards, including OSHA, ISO, ASME and CE.

Vacuworx engineers and manufactures innovative heavy-duty material handling equipment for the oil, gas, water, sewer, utility and road construction industries worldwide. The newest addition of a portable vacuum lifting system and hydraulic barrier lifters further expands their dedication to furthering the industries the company serves. 918-259-3050, www.vacuworx.com.

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