March 2016, Vol. 71, No. 3

New Products

New Reaming Tool Clears Debris, Rock From Culverts

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor

Infinity Tool Mfg. has introduced a new line of reaming tools for clearing debris and rock from drainage culverts.
Forward Articulating Reaming Tools can be attached with special connectors to several types of earth engaging equipment and extended into culverts to remove debris.

The tools are available now, said Todd Taylor, Infinity co-owner and chief operating officer. Distributor information is available by calling Infinity Tool Mfg.

Taylor said marketing for the new product is focused on companies that specialize in culvert cleaning, lining pipes, and contractors who use horizontal directional drills, auger boring and pipe jacking machines, and boring attachments on compact skid-steer loaders.

Tools are available for use in pipe diameters ranging from six to 96 inches.

“What sets this culvert reaming system apart from earlier versions are the designs of the tool and connectors,” Taylor said. “The patent-pending tools were developed by Harr Technologies LLC and are manufactured, marketed and sold by Infinity Tools. Infinity designs and manufactures connectors to fit a variety of ground-engaging equipment.

“The tools and connectors have been designed to fit equipment routinely used by municipalities and towns, state highway agencies and other organizations,” he continued. Infinity can develop adapters by special order to match the thread design or fitting necessary to adapt to buyers’ equipment.

The culvert reaming tool design developed by Harr Technologies uses an internal coil to draw debris into a holding cylinder so it can be removed from the drainage structure. The new tools use the stem connections and will fit most any equipment that will support a rotation attachment such as a post hole auger attachment. The tool is attached and rotated by the host machine. As the machine moves forward with the tool rotating, debris is loaded inside the cylinder. Once the cylinder is loaded, the machine backs up until the tool exits the structure; then reverses rotation to remove the debris.


Company owner Bob Harr designed his first culvert-cleaning tool in the late 90s, and Harr Technologies has made and sold various versions of the product ever since.

“Previous tools had size of debris limitations.” said Harr. “We knew that innovations needed to be made to the tools in order to remove larger debris.”

There were also issues from using a threaded rod such as on a directional drill. If the tool became stuck, it could not be reversed, because it would loosen the tool from the drill string.

Now, Harr pointed out, “the new tools and stem connections overcome those issues. There is no concern about spinning the rod connection off inside a structure because stem connections are pinned or bolted together.”

Harr said his company has conducted studies that document the need to maintain culverts and keep them free of debris.
“Climate factors and failure to maintain culverts cost taxpayers billions of dollars every year,” said Harr. “We all use roads and other transportation systems daily and need to become more proactive rather than reactive in maintaining them.”
He believes the new Infinity culvert cleaning tools can help accomplish that.

“These new and improved tools fit most types of ground-engaging or circumstantially warranted equipment and can remove larger debris,” Harr stated. “Those who wish to clean drainage structures, remove debris from pipe ramming, auger boring or lining companies can now use the tooling as written in the patent applications which is not exclusive to a certain manufactured piece of equipment.”

Harr Technologies is based in Kasilof, AK, and has specialized in designing and manufacturing culvert cleaning tools and equipment for more than 15 years. The company has conducted extensive research about culvert maintenance issues and how best to address them.

Infinity Tool Mfg., Benton, IL, manufactures a complimentary line of downhole horizontal directional drilling tools, including bits, hammer bits, pull bits, PDC pull and push reamers and performs custom machine work.

Infinity Tool Manufacturing
(888) 83-TOOLS,
Harr Technologies
(907) 394-5466,

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