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2016 RehabZone Mission: A Major Success At UCT

The 2016 RehabZone has evolved and changed to include new technologies and processes, it remains true to its founding principles – to focus firmly on the pipeline rehabilitation industry with a unique, “no-sell, education only” format that remains a primary reason for its continuing success.

Like previous RehabZones, the 2016 version in Atlanta saw regulars who haven’t missed a year, but was also discovered by many first time attendees. Over the years, the RehabZone has become an essential part of the annual Underground Construction Technology International Conference & Exhibition (UCT).

What they’re saying

Atlanta was the first UCT and RehabZone for Tad Powell, P.E., associate at Hazen and Sawyer and construction manager for the Jefferson County [Alabama] Asset Management Program.

“I was expecting just another trade show with cookie cutter demonstrations, but I was pleasantly surprised,” said Powell.  “It felt like the companies and products represented were appealing to a different crowd. It was an informed crowd that was interested in moving forward with new products and proven procedures.

“The RehabZone is a great reflection of our industry’s history as well as the future. I was impressed by the detail of the stations and the content covering all the major areas of rehabilitation.

“The RehabZone introduces new clients and customers to the industry and supplies continued education to the more experienced. I’m looking forward to the next UCT/RehabZone in Fort Worth in 2017.”

RehabZone Chairman Guy Leslie said he was pleased with the 2016 Atlanta RehabZone.

“I believe this year we were able to reach out to new and old friends that could not or were not able to travel in the past,” Leslie said. “I am happy that we had the opportunity to do the show in Atlanta and share what the RehabZone is and its educational format.

“I saw many Georgia and Carolina visitors go through the RehabZone.”

In past years, a record of people passing through the Zone has been the number of commemorative t-shirts handed out, but Leslie said this year a badge scanner recorded Zone visitors.

“Overall, I am very pleased with attendance in Atlanta,” said Leslie.

Larry Kiest Jr. said LMK Technologies had a lot of traffic.

“Our UCT booth was located right outside the entry of the RehabZone,” he said. “Our visitors were looking for solutions and wanted to learn more. We took advantage of the RehabZone to help educate our visitors. It seemed many of our visitors were coming to our booth based on information they learned in the technical sessions. It was nice to see new faces brought to the conference from the Atlanta area and to continue to see our industry grow. Our success as an industry comes from nothing short of hard work, perseverance, and sharing of knowledge in an effort to educate others.“

RehabZone content

As it has in previous years, the popular Historic Sewer and Pipe Artifacts Exhibit was just inside the Zone’s entrance.

The route through the Zone contained information stations that included the NASSCO Pipeline Assessment Certification Program (PACP) and Inspector Training Certification Program (ITCP), closed circuit television (CCTV), bypass pumping, CIPP lining, joint and seal repairs, water main lining, lateral lining, grouting, root control, manhole linings and coatings, and emerging technologies.

“There always is good, useful information in the RehabZone,” observed Kleinfelder’s John Struzziery. “Stations are interesting and informative.”

In the past, Struzziery has been one of the volunteers staffing the event.

“This year I was an attendee seeing new technologies and how they are applied so I can assess how they can be used in what we are doing,” he said.”

At the end of the route was the live demonstration area. Demonstrations in Atlanta were conducted by LMK Technologies, Raving Lining Systems, ADS, Rapidview, Avanti, Reline America, Envirosight, Pipeline Renewal Technologies, Perma-Liner and Tric Tools.

Presentations/demonstrations went extremely well, Leslie said, and there was a great variety of topics, including some new ones. All were well attended and people lingered to ask questions and learn more about the technologies.

“We had nice turnout for both outside and inside demos,” said D.J. Wroble, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Raven Lining Systems. “Those attending told us the spray out and testing was much needed and appreciated, so it’s definitely something Raven would consider doing again for future shows.”

The RehabZone is sponsored by NASSCO (National Association of Sewer Service Companies) in cooperation with the American Society of Civil Engineers’ Underground Engineering and Surveying Institute and Trenchless Installation of Pipelines and Pipeline Infrastructure Systems technical committee, the Water Environment Federation’s Collection System Committee, and Underground Construction magazine. It is funded by sponsoring organizations and participating companies.

Leslie, Rapidview sales manager for the Southeast U.S. and Caribbean, has been RehabZone chairman for the past two events and expressed his thanks for the many volunteers who plan and staff the RehabZone.

“I leave the RehabZone with both relief and sadness,” he said. “The RZ is a family, and we work hand in hand putting it all together. Our volunteers, industry experts and staff are very knowledgeable and work very hard planning, putting everything together and dismantling everything at the end. The amount and quality of the information and knowledge they share continues to amaze me. I have been part of the RZ for seven years, and I always learn every year.

“The RZ committee is a tight group, and I will be a member of that committee to help in the future. That is so helpful.”

Chairman of the 2017 RehabZone is Andy Rothenberg, owner of Primeline Products. Co-chairman is Sean Lipscomb, field operations manager for Pipeline Renewal Technologies. UCT and the RehabZone will be Jan. 31 – Feb. 2, 2017, in Fort Worth, TX.

Leslie urged anyone interested in serving on the committee to contact NASSCO at (410) 442-7473 or

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